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Trend report lowdown: The Future of Flavour

Our latest Industry Trend investigates tomorrow’s key ingredients, flavours, fragrances and taste sensations. Here’s why it matters to your brand.

So, The Future of Flavour. I think I can guess what this is about…

Yes, but this report pack goes way beyond the food and flavours of tomorrow. What we’ll start doing with ingredients will affect the materials, interiors and personal care sectors, too – which is why your brand should take heed. I mean, even the automotive industry will be impacted.

Really? How so?

Coffee husks and cow’s stomachs are being used to develop new materials. Other food waste is being turned into household furniture. Bentley is looking at whether mushroom interiors can become a thing in its custom-made vehicles. And that’s just for starters.

So what of actual flavour? What does the future look like? 

It’s a pretty big topic, which is why we’ve written four reports: New Architecture of Taste, Trans-Industry Ingredients, New Fragrance Worlds and Sensory Edibles. And a further three – which explore topics like craveability, fluidity and key visual directions – will be published next week.

For the answer, look towards our evolving notions of taste and flavour, the drinks industry’s outstanding use of ingredients, and the new rituals around preparing and eating food. Oh, and the fact that our taste buds are being tricked by visual, audio and tactile stimuli.

Presumably these are the reasons you’re focusing on flavour now?

Yes, though these developments are all a response to shifting consumer concerns, technological advances and legislative changes – like the UK’s impending sugar tax and the widespread legalisation of cannabis in the US.

Then there’s the microbiome – the bacteria in your gut – which doctors, nutritionists and the media have suddenly started getting excited about, partly because studies on its impact on the brain have become more accessible. As a result, exciting new products – which we think are worth tracking from a cross-industry perspective – are emerging.

So The Future of Flavour could inspire my brand’s future products?

Yes, thanks to the key aesthetics, material cues and colour palettes it reveals. 

What else will I learn?

How pollution represents an opportunity for your brand, that the concept of a ‘luxury material’ will one day be entirely different, and that the key to innovation is collaboration.

If you’re a Stylus member, you can read The Future of Flavour now. If you’re not, and you’d like to discover the benefits of joining, get in touch.