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How brands should interact with young millennials like me on social media

Lia Rivera, our resident young millennial, reveals how brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Asos and Wendy’s do it for her on social media.

I like engaging with brands on social – but if they really want to capture my attention, they have to do the following five things. There’s no rocket science here, but you’d be surprised at how many brands fall short. Consider this, then, a checklist for social media success.

5. Show me how to use your products 

I know that when I purchase a cup its function is to hold a beverage of my choice. However, when brands repurpose their products into many uses and share that on social, that benefits me in the long run. Take the solar eclipse that occurred in the US this year. Some brands took a practical approach and sold solar eclipse glasses in store. However, Dunkin’ Donuts instead came out with a gif that showed how to create a solar eclipse viewer using a Munchkins box. The video was simple to follow and I enjoyed some Donut Holes while waiting for the eclipse.

4. Be genuine

As an advertising student I’m taught that brands have personalities. Whether they’re funny, serious or goofy, brands are personified. When this comes across as genuine, they’re on to a winner. Take Wendy’s – over the years they’ve built a witty, fun persona. This makes me actively want to go and follow them. It’s refreshing to have a brand that acts like any other interesting person I would follow.

3. Be relatable

When I come across brands that ‘get’ me, I’m instantly hooked. I spend the majority of my spare time on social media, and the brands I notice the most are the ones not doing the ‘most’.

Brands that show the realistic parts of life are so much more intriguing. Take Asos and its ambassador Instagram campaign. Instead of promoting their products and saying how much they love them, the ambassadors just show what everyday life is like with Asos products. It’s simply individuals sharing their passion for fashion. 

2. Do promotions differently

When brands share deals that only require my interactivity as payment, I go wild. Take Uber Boston and its UberELVES promotion in 2015, which saw it give out 200 ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters to users who requested an UberELF. For weeks everyone was talking about getting one, and luckily I managed to. I sported my ugly Christmas sweater with pride.

1. Pick the right platform

Brands have to realise that being on every platform isn’t necessarily a good thing. If a brand knocks my socks off on one platform, I expect them to do the same on all their others. If they don’t manage to, then why are they on the other platforms?