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The world’s first vegan cruise ship is about to set sail

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Cruise and Maritime Voyages and Vegan Travel’s Norwegian fjords cruise features meat-, fish- and dairy-free breakfast buffets and organic toiletries.

UK-based cruise operator Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV) is launching a vegan-only cruise, which will set sail to the Norwegian fjords this month.

A collaboration with UK ethical tour operator Vegan Travel, the cruise will feature meat-, fish- and dairy-free breakfast buffets and four to five course dinners and lunches paired with organic wines, all inspired by the regions visited during the journey.

The cruise will also cater for those with dietary requirements such as gluten-free, raw and macrobiotic. All rooms will also come equipped with high-end, dairy-free, organic toiletries including hand wash, shampoo and shower gel.

It will also feature a wellness programme including yoga and Pilates and daytime activities such as ethical cheese and toothpaste making classes. Guest speakers will include UK television personality Wendy Turner Webster, US best-selling author Dr Michael Greger and Harvard-educated psychologist Melanie Joy on topics ranging from the environment and ethical farming to health and nutrition.

The cruise is targeted at all ages, including children, who are usually restricted from CMV's cruises.

Seattle-based cruise line Holland America Line is launching a similar themed cruise concept in October 2017. Its Vegan Vacation At Sea, which will sail around Mexico, will offer vegan menus, environment-focused shore excursions and parties.

Originally published on Stylus.com