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Waitrose’s new packaging is made from tomato plants

The supermarket is combining tomato leaves with recycled cardboard pulp to package its organic baby plum and cherry tomatoes.

UK supermarket chain Waitrose has this week started using tomato leaves to package its tomatoes.

The new type of non-plastic punnet, which combines tomato leaves with recycled cardboard pulp, is being used for Waitrose Duchy Organic baby plum and cherry tomatoes in a handful of branches.

When it rolls out nationwide in 2018, the supermarket believes the packaging could save 3.5 million plastic trays from being used every year.

‘‘We are determined to reduce our use of plastic across our business,” said Waitrose’s head of fresh produce Nicola Waller.

“Since 2009 we’ve reduced overall packaging across all products by nearly 50 per cent and are excited about this imaginative way to present our Duchy Organic tomatoes to our customers.”

Waitrose has already started using pulses to package its red lentil and green pea pasta, while the boxes for its organic eggs are made from recycled paper and eye grass.