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Tommy Hilfiger has launched a video ad chatbot

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The fashion brand’s Facebook Messenger chatbot now promotes its latest collection, as modelled by Gigi Hadid – and it’s time-of-day sensitive.

American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has collaborated with French video-ad start-up Teads and San Francisco-based AI-messaging experts Msg.ai to extend its chatbot beyond Facebook Messenger into a video advert.

The bot is accessed via a call to action that pops up on TMY.GRL – an out-stream video advertisement (a native ad that auto-plays whenever a user actively navigates to it). It promotes its latest collection with US celebrity model Gigi Hadid. This stimulus is time-of-day sensitive and changes dynamically from ‘Good Morning – Chat to Us’ to ‘Hello – Chat to Us’ and encourages viewers to engage.

After tapping the call to action, viewers can browse the brand’s latest garments while receiving assistance from an AI bot. To stimulate engagement and provide a more personal curation of products, the bot initially asks a series of questions designed to identify a customer’s size and tastes. All have pre-set answers to choose from, keeping the process simple. To purchase products suggested by the chatbot, customers are transferred to Tommy.com, where the items have already been placed in their basket.

With online videos expected to generate $15.4bn in spending by 2019 (IAB, 2015), embracing personalised, relatively non-intrusive modes of conversational commerce presents a key marketing-to-commerce opportunity. 

Originally published on Stylus.com