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More people are literally searching for ‘ideas’ while shopping online

Empowered consumers still search for specific products online, but they’re increasingly relying on Google search to get inspired.

It used to be the case that online shoppers simply searched for the products they were looking for. Over the last two years, however, they’ve turned to Google for inspiration and ideas.

There has, in fact, been a 55% increase in mobile searches for “ideas” since 2015, while watch time of YouTube videos with “ideas” in their title have increased 135% over the same period.

This is according to Think with Google, which also revealed that, over the last two years, mobile searches for “shopping lists” have risen by 150%. Shoppers, it seems, are keen on other people’s ideas because they’re not only inspirational, they’re pre-vetted.

Some of the most popular searches have been for “backpacking gear shopping list”, “beginner makeup shopping list” and “used car buying checklist.”

Idea-related searches, meanwhile, have included “teacher gift ideas”, “$10 gift ideas” and “gift ideas for someone who likes to cook”.