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An Icelandic brand is showing how to market to the recently divorced

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Eyri Iceland Mattresses latest campaign, Splitsville – created by LP/AD – says that a comfortable mattress is the key to surviving heartbreak.

Icelandic brand Eyri Iceland Mattresses launched a new marketing campaign this week aimed at the recently divorced. The proposition of Splitsville – according to LP/AD, the Canadian ad agency behind it – is that a good mattress is key to surviving heartbreak.

The campaign features endorsements from renowned New York divorce attorneys (the mattresses are "divorce-lawyer approved"), a 50% off deal ("if you have to lose half, then so will we"), and cross-promotion on Tinder, where Eyri assumes many of its potential customers will be hanging out post-breakup. There's also a (fairly basic) chatbot created by US artificial intelligence firm Motion AI that aims to mimic the kind of arguments people have with their exes.

It's a smart campaign that targets a demographic few brands engage with. In the past year, we've seen Ikea touch on the subject with its Where Life Happens campaign, and Ford Denmark's short film Familien, but little else. It's a risky theme to tackle, but this is clearly a demographic that wants to be represented in marketing – Familien has notched up more than 200,000 views on YouTube since March 2016.

As we discuss in New Attitudes to Love & Sex, it's crucial for marketers to broaden their definitions of romance and relationships. There's also a huge opportunity for brands to tap into more niche, even negative emotions to reach new audiences.

Originally published on Stylus.com