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Lyft has launched smart glasses for visually impaired passengers

The ride-sharing service has partnered with Airo to launch the wearable glasses and an accompanying augmented reality dashboard.

Wearable smart glasses mean that ride-sharing service Lyft is now more accessible to visually impaired people.

The San Francisco-based company partnered with tech company Airo – whose aim is to “revolutionise the everyday lifestyles of people who are blind or low vision” – to develop not only the glasses, but an augmented reality dashboard.

These, Lyft says, will allow visually impaired passengers to “receive essential ride information”.

“This partnership with Aira is just another way Lyft is working to drive better, safer, and more seamless experiences for our diverse ridesharing community,” the company explained.

“Earlier in 2017, we also announced a partnership with the National Association of the Deaf to improve ride access for deaf and hard of hearing people to better connect our drivers and passengers.”