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L’Oreal launches audio tutorials for visually impaired

The Audio MakeUp project from L’Oreal Brazil aims to give visually impaired women more independence by providing step-by-step instructions to help with daily beauty routines.

Created for its Maybelline brand, project Audio Make-Up by L’Oreal Brazil aims to give visually impaired women more independence via a series of audio tutorials (two-thirds of those suffering from visual impairment globally are women – WEH, 2016). Created with Brazilian NGO Adeva and a group of experts in make-up for the blind, the online courses cover basic cosmetic and skincare routines, delivered via step-by-step instructions.

Nineteen topics are covered in total, ranging from applying eye shadow and lipstick to correct skin exfoliation. Each session typically lasts between 30 seconds and two minutes and can be downloaded for relistening later, as well as shared via Facebook and Twitter. Broadcast in Portuguese and English, all courses are free of charge and accessible via a dedicated site – audiomakeup.com.

The user interface (UX) design has also been reconsidered, with an unusually customisable, responsive format. A high-contrast black and white colour palette makes it easier to view, and topics are organised by number and in a supersized font. Selected topics automatically change from black on white, to white on black for extra clarity, while the font size for the entire website can be increased or decreased by clicking on plus or minus icons at the webpage’s header – a feature that remains on the page even when scrolling down.

Consciously soft sell, while there is product placement involved (all tutorials are connected to a product), there is currently no click-through to buy.

Originally published on Stylus.com