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How the Internet of Things will change how you buy a Coke

Connected coolers – which will entice nearby customers – form part of Coca-Cola’s strategy to become “even more of a total beverage company”.

For the first time in almost a decade, Coca-Cola has offered a sneak peek into its ‘innovation pipeline’. And its vision for the future includes embracing the Internet of Things 16 million times over.

The company is working to make its global fleet of fridges ‘connected’. This will allow Coca-Cola to do slightly more prosaic things – like automatically monitor stock levels and correlate sales with the number of times a fridge is opened – but also more exciting things, like utilise proximity beacons.

Their job is simple but, from a sales perspective, devastatingly effective: every time a potential customer is within range, the beacon sends them a personalised coupon or special offer via the Coke app.

Coca-Cola’s cooler range is also about to expand. Back in July 2016 the company announced its proposed Arctic Coke fridge, which will turn a cold bottle of Coke into a slushy within a couple of seconds.

This ‘precision chilling’ technology, developed alongside Nasa engineers, is currently being tested at 500 locations – mainly convenience stores – in the US.