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Google has revealed its top 5 search trends from last week

Thanks to a backfiring McDonald’s PR stunt and a Massachusetts bakery, unusual ingredients were a big theme during the week that was in search.

There are, according to Psychology Today, seven different types of love. And not one of them, it turns out, can be used as an ingredient in granola. So when one Massachusetts bakery tried to argue otherwise, and subsequently got in a spot of bother with the FDA, people took to Google in their millions to follow a story that’s definitely ridiculous and definitely not romantic.  

Ingredients, incidentally, were a key theme of last week’s Google searches – partly because McDonald’s had a bit of a Szechuan sauce nightmare over the weekend, but also because loads of us are searching for shepherd’s pie recipes now that the nights are drawing in.

5. ‘Love is not an ingredient’…

Last week, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wrote to the owners of Nashoba Brook Bakery in West Concord, Massachusetts. The bakery’s misdemeanour was to include “Love” in its Nashoba Granola ingredient list. “’Love’”, the letter read, “is not a common or usual name of an ingredient” – and “Love is not an ingredient” subsequently became a top search.

Interestingly, searches for Szechuan sauce (see below), shepherd’s pie ingredients, mooncake ingredients and Hollandaise ingredients also trended.

4. …but Szechuan sauce definitely is. Or at least was

Cast your mind back to 1998 – Bill Clinton was president, the Spice Girls were everywhere and France won the World Cup. It was also the year that McDonald’s introduced Szechuan sauce, for a limited time only, to promote the Disney film Mulan. And after the condiment featured in a Rick and Morty episode in April, McDonald’s brought it back on Saturday (October 7), only for it to sell out within hours. Cue widespread anger from customers. 

3. Bidding farewell to Tom Petty

Google users marked the passing of Tom Petty last week by searching for the guitar legend’s songs in record numbers. Free Fallin’, Wildflowers and American Girl were his most searched-for tunes, while others searched for “Is Tom Petty really dead?”, “Why did Tom Petty die?” and “How old was Tom Petty?”

2. The Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon – so named because its light used to help farmers gather their crops – usually shines in September, but once in a blue moon it appears in October. This is what happened on Thursday (October 5), and it won’t happen again until 2020. So it wasn’t surprising that Google users searched for what was happening and where they could see it. 

1. Gun control

Last week, in the days after the deadly Las Vegas shooting, searches for “gun control” increased by 3000% compared to the previous week. Many also searched for “What gun was used in the Las Vegas shooting?”, “How many people died in the Las Vegas shooting?”, and “How long did the Las Vegas shooting last?”