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Floraïku is offering an olfactory concept inspired by Japanese ceremonies

Stylus Original

The luxury perfume line’s new collection comprises 11 fragrances split between Enigmatic Flowers, Secret Teas & Spices, Forbidden Incense and Shadowing.

Created by the founders of French fragrance brand Memo, luxury perfume line Floraïku offers an innovative olfactory concept directly inspired by Japanese ceremonies and poetry.

The collection comprises 11 fragrances which are split into four groups, or “ceremonies”. Enigmatic Flowers, Secret Teas & Spices and Forbidden Incense each contain three different perfumes. The last ceremony, Shadowing, consists of two fragrances designed to be layered with the others to either lessen or intensify the base fragrance.

This notion of scent shadowing adds a new dimension to the fragrance experience. Floraïku avoids signature scents (a long-term driving force behind perfume purchases), instead encouraging interaction and personalisation. Fragrance layering is a growing trend.

The fragrances are presented in boxes that reference Japanese bento. Each contains a 50ml bottle with a covetable fabric-covered cap and a 10ml vial. The cap doubles as a handbag spray, and all perfumes are refillable. See The New Rules of Luxury for more on art-inspired packaging.

Floraïku’s first boutique is exclusively housed in Harrods’ Salon de Parfum in London. The luxurious space continues the immersive experience by replicating a traditional Japanese ryokan. Meanwhile, Memo’s own scents are sold exclusively at British high-end department store Harvey Nichols, where they are counted as one of the competitor’s bestselling ranges.

Originally published on Stylus.com