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Trend report: Exploring Light, Opacity & Projection

How is light inspiring creatives? Exploring Light, Opacity & Projection reveals how it’s being used to create engaging products, spaces and interfaces.

The transformative qualities of light continue to be a rich source of inspiration for the creative sector. Designers are exploring new illusionary uses of pattern, motion and projection, advancing digital aesthetics and producing mesmerising spectacles. We round up the latest art, design and technology projects using light to create engaging products, interfaces and spaces.


Transparent illusions: Designers and artists are using light to elevate transparent materials by masterfully crafting and illuminating them to produce eye-catching and surprising results.

Interior refractions: Harnessing natural light and manipulating its reflections and refractions within interior and architectural spaces to provide ambience is a key theme.

Transient light: Technical light takes on a life of its own as motion-activated devices respond to body movement with short bursts of light that only people surrounding the wearer can see.

Transformative projections: Projection mapping onto our three-dimensional world is influencing multiple industries. Static architectural structures and moving bodies are being used as 3D canvases for projection.

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