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An Indonesian start-up has created ‘highly nutritious’ edible food packaging

Evoware’s seaweed-based wraps for sandwiches, burgers and waffles – which have a two-year shelf life – are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

A start-up in Indonesia has come up with an ingenious way of limiting how much plastic goes to landfill: edible wrappers. And they just so happen to be really good for you.

Evoware uses high-quality seaweed to manufacture edible, biodegradable wraps for sandwiches, burgers and waffles – even coffee sachets.

While the packaging – which has a two-year shelf life – is almost tasteless, it can be customised to have a particular flavour. Its colour, too can be changed.

The wraps are also nutritious, with Evoware explaining that they’re high fibre, vitamins and minerals.

David Christian, the company’s co-founder, told Fast Company that his aim is “to create a cleaner world by stopping plastic waste from the root”. This, however, is proving a challenge in Indonesia – one of the world’s biggest plastic polluters. 

“The awareness, understanding and sense of urgency to minimize the use of single-use plastic is still very low,” he added. “This makes our bioplastic seems irrelevant and ‘unnecessary’.”

While Evoware’s seaweed-based packaging costs more to produce than less environmentally-friendly alternatives, costs are expected to lessen as the start-up adopts a full-scale production line.