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Adobe’s new colour-mixing tool emulates the experience of using real paint

Stylus Original

Playful Palette’s digital colours, which appear on screen as ‘blobs’ that can be moved, mimic the qualities of oil paint and watercolour.

Computer software company Adobe Systems has developed a prototype for an interactive colour-mixing tool that emulates the tangible experience of using real paint.

Proposed by the company’s research teamPlayful Palette derives inspiration from analysis of the ways in which artists work with traditional media. The digital colour mimics the qualities of oil paint and watercolour, helping to make the process more intuitive. 

Colour appears like paint on-screen; colour ‘blobs’ can be moved, mixed and blended to explore combinations of hues. The palette is also extended with digital features to enhance the user’s experience. Artists can explore and access custom colour gamuts tailored to their work. Other features include interchangeable mixing dishes and an infinite colour history wheel.

Playful Palette provides an instinctive user interface for creatives by making digital colour mixing more organic. It aims to revolutionise the way that digital artists paint on-screen, as a more realistic experience could help inject more individuality into digital visuals. While there is currently no plan to integrate the palette into Adobe products, the concept offers an exciting development for the future of digital colour.

Originally published on Stylus.com